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Step Up Baseball Events Par For Life Trivia Night Screening and Education
Join us for high school and college baseball games that support prostate cancer activities.  The first event was started in 2012 by Westerville Central High School (WCHS) thanks to the leadership of WCHS Head Trainer Kyle Sutton, the event has grown to include more schools and is now led by Kristen Sutton, Assistant Head Trainer, Dublin Jerome High School.

Proceeds from these events will be donated to the support of COMAPC to continue and increase its funding in Central Ohio for prostate cancer screenings for uninsured and underserved men and to expand its education and outreach programs.


Watch for future details about Par For Life 2019 which will be better than ever!

If you would like to continue to support Central Ohio Men Against Prostate Cancer, purchase a T-shirt or Tote Bag from our charitable partner in the link below. COMAPC receives the proceeds from all sales!

So purchase a shirt or tote bag and show your support and spread awareness about prostate cancer research and prevention!

COMAPC has partnered with  the Marion County Public Health Department of Indianapolis, Indiana, to use their mobile unit to provide screening and education for health events in the Central Ohio Area.

The mobile unit will be staffed by medical personnel from local hospitals with educational information provided by COMAPC.

Additional funding for the partnership has been provided by the Randolph A. Jester Foundation of Powell, OH, Jon Riegle, Trustee.

Details about specific events will be posted on this site as they are scheduled.

more about par for lif golf outing more about par for lif golf outing  

As with all cancers, early detection is important in treating prostate cancer and improving chances for recovery. COMAPC is committed to helping all men take responsibility for their own health. Knowing more about the risks of prostate cancer, as well as detection and treatment are the first steps in controlling this disease. We do not offer medical advice, but we do encourage every man to discuss this information with his healthcare provider.   More...
your health your life

image of prostate cancer survivors While no one knows the cause of prostate cancer we do know that it is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. One out of every seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Every man should know the risks and get screened for prostate cancer. Early diagnoses can result in life saving treatment.   More...
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survivor stories

Paul Young

Paul's Story
Our guest speaker for the 2018 Par For Life golf tournament was Paul T. Young. He is a retired Columbus Firefighter serving the city of Columbus for 32 years as a firefighter and Lieutenant. After retirement in 2012, he worked for 2 years as a fire dispatcher with MECC, the NE county townships fire and emergency dispatching center. He is the event coordinator for the minority retired firefighter organization, ORGnG that he ehlped found. He is a prostate cancer survivor and has become an advocate and a speaker for the cause. He presented his experience to the audience participating in the golf tournament. Young is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker and gives a "no holds barred" account of his journey from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship. He also uses his Facebook account to educate as many people as possible. COMAPC recognizes the value of having a survivor share his story and we are thankful to Mr. Young./span>

Egbert C. Brown passed away in 2016. He was actively involved in the establishment of COMAPC and served as the secretary until his illness and death. He participated in the American Association for Cancer Research Scientist to Survivor Program as an advocate. He was selected to serve with the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program as a consumer advocate reviewer. He recieved an award of excellence from COMPAC for his local and national work. He was a passionate advocate for educating the public about prostate disease, education and research.

Dave's Story
In November of 1998 I went for my annual physical with my primary care physician. The digital rectal exam was fine, but a few days later he called an informed me that my PSA was 5.4 ng/ml. He suggested that I immediately see a Urologist.

Jim's Story
My prostate cancer adventure started with a physical exam in December, after my 57th birthday. I thought I had nailed my exam. My weight was as low as it had been in over 10 years; my cholesterol was about 160 and my blood pressure was 128/80. I was feeling good!

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