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COMAPC provides access to education, outreach and support for men, the friends and families of at-risk men and those diagnosed with prostate cancer. We know there is extensive medical information available online and through healthcare providers. Our goal is to help people connect with resources that can help you become more aware of prostate cancer, better informed about treatment options and support men to seek early screening for prostate cancer.


Support Groups

When diagnosed with prostate cancer, men and their families may feel scared, confused and overwhelmed. Many find it difficult to cope with the diagnoses and the challenges they face. Support groups help some people feel less alone and may improve their ability to deal with the uncertainties facing them. They help the healing process by allowing patients and survivors to share information with people who are affected by similar diseases in a confidential, supportive atmosphere.

The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital

Mount Carmel Health System

Ohio Health

Cancer Support Community

Speakers Bureau

COMAPC members are available to speak to your group, business or organization about detection and treatment of prostate cancer. While not medical authorities, our speakers present the facts about prostate cancer, detection, screening and treatment options. We encourage all men to become their own health advocates.

Understanding Prostate Cancer
Many men are unaware of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. This presentation offers a primer on the disease including risk factors, diagnostic methods and treatment options.
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Managing Your Health
Many men fail to take responsibility for their own health. They often take pride in "never going to the doctor" despite signs and symptoms of illness. Our presentation helps men better understand their health needs and when going to a healthcare provider is advised. We encourage men to manage their own health in partnership with their health care provider.

Clinical Trials Help Save Lives
Successfully treating any disease, including prostate cancer, requires research. Research requires patients to participate in clinical trials. Our presentation offers professional insight into the pros and cons of clinical trial participation and encourages men to learn more.
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COMAPC knows that learning more about prostate cancer is an important tool in early diagnosis, treatment and recovery. While not an endorsement, we have found valuable information through these resources. As always, please discuss what you learn with your healthcare provider. Together you can determine your best course of action.

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